Henrik Lundqvist is the Model of Consistency

Henrik Lundqvist is the best goalie of this generation, and I'm not sure if you can actually dispute that claim. Well, I'm sure someone will find a way, but I'm not ready to give up this fight anytime soon. 

The most impressive thing about Lundqvist's career so far, is the consistency. No one has been as consistent as Lundqvist has. Every season, you know what you're going to get.

To put this to the charts, I've gone ahead and made a box plot [because you know I love those] of a few goalies that were key to the NHL since the full lockout. This list is completely subjective, and mostly just the goalies who I think are top-tier and have played a sample size of seasons from 05-06 through 14-15.

Recall, a box plot will show you five key numbers in a distribution. From left to right, they are: Minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, and maximum. The plots below may also have a dot outside of the box plot. These are outliers [signaling a wildly inconsistent year. If you're a goalie, you don't want a dot on this chart]. The metric included on this chart is Adjusted Save Percentage via War-On-Ice.com

Let's take a look so you can see why I am in awe of Lundqvist.

Wow, Lundqvist.

If you're a goalie, the best thing you can do for your career is be consistent. Lundqvist's min-max range is roughly one percentage point. No one else on the cart can boast that. Jon Quick comes close, but that one outlier year (despite it being a fantastic season) kills his consistency.

Kind of tough including guys like Brodeur and Kipper on here, as they were coming down on the ends of their careers in the sample size included.

All this talk about McDavid, Eichel, Auston Matthews coming up, but the true generational talent has been in between the pipes for the Rangers; now in his 11th season.