Goalie Performance Tool

Data in the above table is from the 2014-2015 season, and does not include any action from 2015-2016. 


Have you ever wondered how a certain goalie would perform on another team? Well, wonder no more. The table above is simple enough. Use the drop down menus in A2 and A4 to select what goalie you want to see on what team (example: Cam Talbot on Edmonton) and watch the numbers get run. 

There is plenty of research out there that players on ice have a very limited effect on goalie save percentage.  

What we can determine from the link above is that a goalie's save percentage in high, medium, and low danger shots will roughly stay the same from team to team. What will differ from team to team however, is how many of those shots a goalie will face per 60 minutes of ice time.

What the table above does is apply the goalies save percentages 5v5 in those danger zones of shots, and a team's per 60 of different scoring chances given up, and calculates the goalies GAA off said stats. 


  1. Only 5v5 data
  2. Assumes a goalie would have played all 82 games for their team
  3. Plenty more I'm sure

This is the first time I've attempted embedding a functional Excel table in a blog post, so please, if you are using this tool and know of a better way to do this, please reach out here in the comments, e-mail me, or contact me via Twitter so I can make this tool the best it can be for all to use. 

All stats in the table provided by War-On-Ice.com